Giving 2022

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Thank you so much for your financial support of our mission and ministry. We could not fulfil our God-given vision without your generous offering of your time, talents and finance. 

As we approach 2023 we face a financial challenge as our costs such as electricity and gas have significantly increased. Between November 2022 and the end of 2023 we need to raise an additional £12,000 in income to cover our basic running costs.

Please would you prayerfully consider one of the following options:

1) Join our planned giving scheme (Standing Order)
Monthly giving is vital to our mission as it enables us to plan more easily for the long-term. To set up  a standing order, log in to your online banking or visit your local branch with St Mary’s bank account details, and let our treasurer know
Standing Order Form for online set up or in branch

2) Increase your planned giving
If everyone already in our scheme increased their giving by a minimum of £10 per month we would almost entirely close the gap. Simply amend your standing order online or by speaking to your bank. Please prayerfully consider increasing your monthly giving this year, and let our treasurer know 

3) Give a one-off gift Online today
Please visit our online giving page here. You can choose whatever amount you would like to give as a one-off gift. Thank you!

Gift Aid Declaration 
Allow us to claim an additional 25% on your giving from the Government by filling in a Gift Aid declaration form (links below). Please scan and send the completed form to 

Gift Aid Declaration for planned giving (monthly payments)
Gift Aid Declaration for one off payment

Many people choose to leave a gift to the church in their will and the PCC have a policy on how we use those gifts to further mission and ministry here at St Marys.  
St Mary's Legacy Policy 

For more information, please contact our Treasurer at