Baptism is an amazing part of a person's journey with God - where new believers make a public declaration of their faith, promise obedience to God and receive God's spirit in the waters. 

As an Anglican church we baptise both children and adults. For children, their parents and godparents make promises on their behalf; to raise them to know Jesus for themselves as part of a worshipping community. And for adults they make that same public commitment to Jesus for themselves. Baptisms take place on the 2nd Sunday of the month as part of our main service at 10:30am.  

We also offer a thanksgiving service as an opportunity to thank God for the arrival of a child and pray for God's blessing on the child and family. This is a great alternative for parents who, for whatever reason, prefer not to make the baptismal promises on behalf of their child.

In order to be baptised at St Mary's you need to live in our Parish or be a member of the worshipping community. To find out more please contact us.

Sophie Dand, 15/01/2019