The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry - Short Course
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Thursday Evenings on Zoom from 19th January to 2nd March* Plus Whatsapp Group

Want to make more space and time in your life for the things that count? Then start 2023 in a positive way by studying 'The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry' with us this January.

Think you are too busy to read this book and join in? - then you are definitely the person who needs to read it! Allow John Mark Comer to put his finger on why you feel so busy and hurried by modern life, then unfold simple life giving practises we see in Jesus' life which are the antidote. 

Building on our Autumn '22 study on 'The Bible: A Story that make sense of Life' we are offering this short 6 session course on Zoom and as a Whatsapp group.

CLICK TO SIGN UP HERE - We have free copies of the book to give away to the first 10 people to sign up!

When you sign up you'll receive an invite both the Whatsapp group and a weekly Zoom discussion group - you then simply choose which one (or mix of the two) fits you best and helps you get the most from the book.

Want a weekly Zoom group - great go for it!
Want the support of a Whatsapp group but with the option to come along on Zoom from time to time - that's great too! 
Want to do both - go for it!

*6 session on Zoom but no meeting on Thursday 16th February as it is half term.